Vastu Services

At Perfect Vastu, we get an in-depth analysis done for all types of Properties and Plots, occupied or vacant. Based on the analysis we can predict the impact of the property has on individuals and business.

We do On-site and Off-Site Assessment of Premises via Map & Address

  • Energy Audits, Clearance and Transformation
    We ensure removal/transformation of such unwanted energies to positive and vibrant energies.
  • Prevention from Ultraviolet Rays, Infra Red Radiation, Negative Ley Lines

Renovation & Interior Decor Planning Consultancy

Choosing appropriate locations and usage of space, recommending furniture designs, colours, artefacts and painting which can have a huge influence on health, wealth, happiness and productivity.We help Architects and Interior Designers to adapt Vastu principles in their creativity

Vastu Correction Without Demolition

At Perfect Vastu, we believe in Vastu correction without Demolition.

Resolving Property Disputes, Court Cases, Litigations, Lawsuits & Inheritance matters

Property disputes leading to court cases are stressful and expensive at the same time. We can help in settling such matters or inheritance amicably, easily in the shortest possible time.

Protection Of Vacant Premises From Encroachment

Unoccupied premises are vulnerable to encroachment and false claim of right and title.

Construction of Buildings as per Vastu.

Planning the layout as per Vastu Shastra is of prime importance, as it lay down the foundation for necessary Govt. approvals, Timely construction, Safety of men and materials, to complete the project within allotted budgets.

Services to Builders and Developers.

“Stitch in time saves nine” goes best with the real estate industry, be it the Builders, Developers and Architects everyone believes in applying Vastu principle at the very inception of their projects.

Selection, Assistance in Buying, Selling and Leasing Of Properties on Site or Online.

Buying under construction property is a risky and stressful affair. Perfect Vastu can identify such project and help you in selecting projects which have a clear roadmap. We especially cater to NRI’S who are unable to visit the site for inspection.

Geopathic Stress is one major factor that can lead to mental, emotional and physical ill health, and poor immunity, lack of intimacy or poor sexual performances in couples. Both Personal and Corporate Performance is also at stake because of Negative Earth Energy Radiation.

As a certified Geomancer, Dr. Sunil S Harlalkaa is trained to conduct Geopathic Stress Audit in Premises and Neutralise and Transform them into positive lines. He also has the unique ability to check Earth Energy on-site or merely with the address even without a map.

“The recent digging of roads for the underground tunnels for Metro, overhead metro lines of Mumbai have fractured the already existing fragile ecosystem of Mumbai. Taking precaution now for all those living within 1 km radius of Metro Lines is what we provide. “

Land Healing

The land or property may have shortcomings such as Curses, Evil Eye and Karmic Debts. We specialize in identifying and removing such faults or shortcomings to make them more habitable.

The biggest asset for any company is its employees and employees today are prone to stress, anxiety and depression. Corporate India must invest more in health programmes for employees to reap more benefits from their employees.

We are Land Healers – healing work and living premises for better productivity and profitability

Vastu is all about making our life happier and meaningful. We help individuals and give them simple and easy solutions for their Personal Matters like

  • Delay in Marriage
  • Happiness in Marriage
  • Inability to conceive
  • Children’s Inability to Study and Focus
  • Health IssuesPeace and Harmony in Home
  • Protection of Premises and Occupants
  • Improving Cash Flow, Recovery of Debts, Preventing Misappropriation of Funds Ask us how
  • Huge Unsold Inventory
  • Getting Maximum Productivity, Prevention of Staff and Labour Issues
  • Overcoming GovtHarassment and Delays
  • Increase in Name, Fame, Goodwill
  • Harmony between Directors – Partners –Staff
  • Success in Joint Ventures, Mergers, Takeovers, New Projects & Products


Numerology is a science of Dates, Names and Numbers! Numbers that also appear in Colours, Shapes and Energy. Numerology affects and impacts all of us whether we believe in the science or not.

Our Numerology service includes both for personal and business as follows:

  • Individual Personal Name Analysis & Corrections
  • Personality, Colours, Health, Career Best Suited, Love Life, Married Life, Prosperity
  • New Born Baby Naming

Ihave consulted a lot of struggling artists and celebrities, start-ups and production house owners to earn name and fame.

  • Low Self confidence and low self esteem
  • Selecting Right Career, Profession, Education
  • Attracting Love, Getting Married easily
  • Resolving Relationship conflicts

For Individuals:

  • Opening of Bank Accounts,
  • Making Financial Investments,
  • Apply for loans,
  • Paying – Receiving Token Money for Buying Assets like Cars, Property, Machines
  • Travelling, Submitting Passport Application, Visa Applications
  • Registration of Property Documents
  • Pooja, Religious Ceremonies, Inauguration & Beginning of Renovation
  • Surgical Operations

For Business:

  • Signing Contracts, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, Submitting Business Proposals
  • Launch of Products, Events, Exhibitions, Websites
  • Conducting Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes
  • Hiring Senior Staff, Taking in New Directors, Partners
  • Submitting Applications to Govt.Agencies
  • Selecting Perfect Business Line

On the journey of being an entrepreneur selecting the best industry and activity is of primary importance. Your key skill sets must match with your business activity. Connect with us to know more.

Numbers play a Vital Role in our life and in business. Perfect Vastu provides perfect Numbers for House Number, Office Number, Bank Accounts, Locker Numbers, Cars, Mobile so that each asset gives its full potential to you.

Pricing Products & Services for Better Margins& Quick Sales:

When contracts, fees, quote, products, services are priced numerologicaly correct there is receptiveness from the consumer to buy the product.

Unlucky numbers entails delay of payments too there is a section in our brain too which reacts differently to numbers and prices of products.

Remember BATA shoes days…all priced at xxx.95/- !

Naming Consultancy

Name Audit – A Numerology Perspective | Take stock of your name portfolio—and the competition’s. Thereafter predicting the outcome

Decode the Numerology meaning of the First alphabet, Best colours and Shapes associated with the first alphabet, and the full name

We have helped hundreds of companies and people create great names that speak for themselves.Some people are very successful in life because they are named correctly?

Some productscan be a big success in the market because you chose a right name Naming a Product, Service, Building or a New born baby is an art, a science. We are Name smith and follow the Naming Architecture systems

We have been naming products, services, companies and brands and houses and even new born babies for over 15years which produce the desired result in home and office.

Great names aren’t just memorable; they have lives of their own. They arememorable!

Great names spread organically to the far corners of the web introducing themselves to customers and prospects alike.

What is in a great name? Rhythm, Evocation, and a Sense of belonging to the world around it!Besides naming protocols we add a new dimension –Numerologyof Names
Great Appropriate Names with excellent products and services have met with disaster if the Numerology value of the name was inappropriate

Logo Services

Your company’s LOGO speaks volumes about your company’s future.

Refer to our LOGO section to understand how logos have made or marred the growth charts of corporates and known brands.

Get your logo validated by Perfect Vastu before you register it.

Our services:

  • Preparing Logo Horoscope – Predicting Co’s Fortune from Existing Logos
  • Review of new Logo Designs
  • Selection of Most Appropriate and Fortunate Logo Designs
  • Consultation on converting your Existing Logos into Prosperous Symbols
  • Designing Personal Signature Logos
  • Designing Personal Emblems as per Date of Birth