I have studied more than 1,500 logos of brands, products and companies understanding why do certain brands fail and why do certain brands proper. Is Logo responsible for same?

I could co-relate the mindset of the Managing Director of the company with the logo approved by him or her.

I could with my intuitive powers predict if a brand or company would fail or click well and for how long.

I experimented this with my Business community members and could predict the downfall of many companies. I used the skill even to predict the future of IPO and share prices.

The corporate world generally was sceptical to the science. The ad agencies and graphic designers were reluctant as they somehow felt it would kill their creativity. However with my intense desire to prevent predictive downfall of a company or brand, I stopped dictating the do’s and don’ts in logo designing but allow them to be artistically and beautifully created by the designers.

I now select only the best ones not only from a graphic perspective but the ones which will bring prosperity, name, fame. I offer suggestions how the colours or shapes or sequence can be fine tuned keeping the overall design and layout intact.

Many designers have applied the knowledge to create logos which ushers in prosperity for their clients.

Really wish many more companies and designers take advantage of this science and create abundance for themselves and the shareholders.

I ​have made my own Logo manual ​based on the tentacles of Vastu, Feng Shui, Colour psychology, Human emotions, numerology, graphology and other multiple sciences with sole objective of fulfilling the clients objective and bringing in abundance, growth and prosperity to all .

Being a Numerologist too, I advice clients on making their personal emblems and signature logos to harmonise with their date of birth to bring in joy and happiness in their personal and professional life.

Our services include :

Fortune Telling by Logo – Predicting the success of Logo to fulfil its objective

Logo Design Selection – Evaluating & Selecting most powerful Logo for your co and brand

Creation of Logos – New Designs as per business or modifying existing logos to increase its potency

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