After having spent 25 years in some of the large travel and tours companies in India, I was drawn to be a professional Numerologist only when several years ago I fell ill and wondered why even with the best of medical assistance and medicines it could not treat me. I went into deep introspection and one day I found out about NUMEROLOGY.

Very often the question I am asked is, ‘Why do you think Numerology works? and how does it work??’, ‘Is it a God’s force?’ Do numbers really have vibrations or something like that?

Initially, even I didn’t have answers and I was a bit sceptical about my try. But for some reason, I was compelled to go further and study Numerology deeply. I began to study everything I could find about Numerology. I was determined to investigate the myths and mysticisms associated with Numerology. I spent many years researching the Chaldean system to get clear and practical information which could be applied to our daily lives. And really, I was indeed very amazed to see the blueprint of my life and my career and to where I was heading right in front of eyes. This scientific study encouraged me to apply the principles of Numerology in my day-to-day life. Over a period of time, I saw positive changes not only in my health but also professionally, socially and financially.

Numerology for Professional and Personal lives of People I work with

Today, I specialize in conducting Numerology Audits on dates, names and numbers and interalia colours, shapes and designs

I now provide auspicious names for a new born baby to fine tuning a given name to individuals which are in harmony with one’s date of birth.

I recommend auspicious dates for doing both personal and commercial activities wherein the ultimate outcome is obtained easily and effortlessly.

Within a span of 15 years I have facilitated people from diverse backgrounds to lead a healthier, happier and a prosperous life. My ever growing global clientele individuals as well as companies is a testimony of the value additions I create in people’s life. I cater to all types of client’s needs, love and relationships, planning a family, professional, enhancing name and fame, good health, education, travel and many such.

My Mission has been to make my client’s life better and happier, enable them to live successfully and help them to enjoy good health, love peace, harmony, wealth and prosperity.

Numerology can be an invaluable and power guide for companies to attain success, name, fame, prosperity in the shortest possible time.

Numerology can also be extreme fun. You will be amazed at the details it can bring out about your and your loved one’s health, relationships, job, family, career, money and more.

I am hoping that someday synchronicity will make us meet too!